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Vroomgirls.com picks the Kia Rio among the best new cars for teens

The 2012 subcompact is the most fuel-efficient car on the automotive website’s list

by Kristina WongPublished: April 03, 2012 12:05 PM

Vroomgirls.com, a Southern California-based automotive trends website for women, has announced its “Six Best New Cars for Your Teenager” with Kia's 2012 Rio praised for its high fuel economy and high-class exterior and interior style.

Starting at $13,400, Vroomgirls says that the  Rio serves as an automobile that fulfills the teenager’s wish for a cool and trendy car, as well as the parent’s wish for top-notch safety features and cost-efficiency. With the vehicle’s modern, sleek style that may attract a teen’s youthful perception and a value that will catch a parent’s attention, the Kia Rio matches the criteria that will please both the parents and their children, according to the Vroomgirls list.    

“Rio being recognized as one of the ‘Six Best New Cars for your Teenager’ by Vroomgirls.com further validates all of the virtues which have made it popular with both parents and young drivers,” said Michael Sprague, vice president of Marketing and Communications at Kia Motors America.  “Excelling in design, fuel economy, value and driving enjoyment makes the Rio a truly well-rounded choice in the competitive subcompact segment.”

Vroomgirls.com editors ranked the six best new cars for teens based on factors like safety, reliability, fuel efficiency, style and overall value.  Considering what was best for the teenager, as well as the parent, this list of cars was evaluated inside and out from such details as an iPod USB connectivity to the number of airbags.

“Parents want a safe, reliable car for their kids, but teens only care about what’s cool,” explained Vroomgirls.com Editor in Chief Tara Weingarten.  “The 2012 Kia Rio checks both of those boxes.”

Along with the Kia Rio, other trendy, yet safe automobiles to make the Six Best New Cars For Your Teenager list include the Toyota Yaris, Volkswagen Golf, Scion XB, Honda Fit and Chevrolet Sonic.

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