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Envision success

Using DreamItAlive could be the first step to achieving your goals.

by kimberly a. porrazzoPublished: October 01, 2012

Anita Rani Dhaliwal pictures success.
Anita Rani Dhaliwal is a dreamer. The 44-year-old single mother of three subscribes to the theory that if you visualize what you aspire to do, to have, or to be, it will happen. If you’re one of the 29 million weekly “pinners” with your own boards on Pinterest – the third-largest social-sharing site in the U.S. – you understand the concept. Like it. Pin it. Dream about it. If you’re lucky, maybe your dream will come true.
While Dhaliwal, who lives in Orange, used to cut pictures out of magazines that represented her aspirations (think vacations, cars and romance), she later started to dabble in the visuals available online to create what she calls “dream boards.” Her vision for a website that would allow others to build their own dream boards was realized one year ago, when she launched DreamItAlive, a company she co-founded with partners Ash Kumra and Erin Mester. The online social-sharing site grabbed the attention of more than 10,000 dreamers when it launched on 11-11-11, during a private invitation-only preview.
“DreamItAlive uses a step-by-step patent-pending process and a virtual dream board to guide users to create their goals, set their intentions and realize their dreams,” says Dhaliwal, who is also a life coach. It is different than Pinterest, she explains, because it is specifically focused on goal attainment.
With a provisional patent on file, Dhaliwal and her partners are building out DreamItAlive to include many new features such as emailing and even “dream funding.” Yes, you can help dreamers realize their goals by clicking on their boards and donating directly to them. The company’s site describes the funding process as a “gift registry for making dreams come true.”
“All transactions take place using PayPal. Therefore anyone can fund any amount toward a dream using credit cards, PayPal funds, etc.,” Dhaliwal says. “The dreamer can access their funds via their PayPal account.”
Pacing the release of new site features has been a challenge for the team.
“We had so many great ideas and wanted to launch everything all at once,” Dhaliwal says. “With our limited technology resources, determining which features to launch first was our biggest challenge.”
Not unlike crowd sourcing or crowd funding, in which a community supports an individual’s efforts, the DreamItAlive community may weigh in with messages of encouragement and support for the dreamer. Alternatively, dream boards also may be kept private.
Dhaliwal and her partners have a vision that goes beyond dreams. The trio established eLUVate Media in 2011 as a parent company with the mission to create Internet sites that lead visitors to a “higher way of thinking.”

Anita Rani Dhaliwal
Co-founder, DreamItAlive
Twitter: @DreamItAlive


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Normally I'm against killing but this article slaugehterd my ignorance.
Comment at 10/24/2012
I am a full on believer of vision boards and law of attraction. So excited that now I can create one online and visualize it daily before going to bed. Thanks
Comment at 11/2/2012
Thanks for sahrnig. What a pleasure to read!
Comment at 11/3/2012