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Published: December 08, 2005

Moving Forward

Businesswomen share resolutions for 2006.

It’s the end of the year; time to close out 2005 and to begin implementing plans for 2006. We asked businesswomen in a variety of industries to share the single most important strategy they plan to employ next year to move their businesses forward. Here are their resolutions.

“I have implemented a structured, focused strategy to proactively reach out to past clients, prospects and colleagues at regular intervals. It costs about seven times more to acquire a new client that it takes to sell to an existing client (or garner a referral from that existing client). For ’06, I am targeting over 50% of my revenue to come from this proactive mining strategy.”
Diana Zanzonico, owner
V2K Window Fashions, South Orange County

“In 2006, I look forward to increasing my employee base which will allow me to expand my destination wedding and event services. My goal is to have my staff manage Southern California events while I am planning and attending events nationwide.”
Marla Lackey, owner
Cheers to You Events, Laguna Niguel

“Catwalk Productions has been a trailblazer in defining beauty imagery. As an exclusively plus-size oriented marketing and model management firm we have worked hard to turn the tide of fashion’s standard of beauty. Because of the increased visibility of plus-size models, our current goal is to expand the portfolio of our extended size models.”
Kyla Chappell-Dean, president
Catwalk Productions, Costa Mesa

“In 2006, our business goal is to avoid industry trends and greatly expand on our proven strengths. We will identify and nurture our areas of expertise; focus on fewer clients who share our vision; and build upon our knowledge and experience, creating a formula for success and innovative game development.”
Lin Shen, founder/CEO
Papaya Studios, Irvine

“The year 2006 represents a no-holds-barred expansion to aggressively market and staff the four separate segments of my business: organization, planning, relocations and events. Every business gets to a jumping off point when they have to either take the risk and expand or quietly die on the vine. Baldwin Business Consulting is ‘jumping’ by doubling its staff, launching a public relations campaign, and moving into a larger space.”
Erin Baldwin, owner
Baldwin Business Consulting, Costa Mesa

“This is the year I focus on my staff... so we can grow our business as a team and expand our facility. I will do this by conducting monthly training sessions and motivating them through strong incentive and commission plans.”
Zeena Dhalla, owner
The Athletic Club for Women, Newport Beach

“Focusing on our Economic Empowerment Community Impact Agenda: i.e., moving individuals up an economic ladder from survival to self-sufficiency to economic independence...[We will use] the indicators of safe and secure housing, education attainment levels and employment attainment levels to determine how successfully we’re bridging the economic gap in Orange County.”
Maria Chavez Wilcox, CEO/president, and
Colleen Sandrin, evp/COO, O.C. United Way

“The biggest plan I aim to commit to is a monthly electronic newsletter to keep in touch with past clients and future prospects. It is a great way to provide information and build credibility with your database.”
Tammi Spruill, principal
Fruition Advertising & Design

“My 2006 business goal is not to amass more clients to increase the bottom line, but to be very selective with the projects I agree to undertake. The balance between one’s work and personal life is very delicate and no one has a guarantee of a tomorrow. All work and no play would make the Idea Diva a very dull girl.”
Donna Kane, Idea Diva
Santa Ana

“In 2006, I plan on educating myself further by reading trade publications and books in my field... I need the inspiration and practical knowledge that they offer. That is my New Year’s resolution.”
Veronica Bennett, author
Sunset Beach

“I plan to hire some great employees! I know I can’t grow the company without hiring great people... It may push the budget a bit in the beginning, but by year-end, it should allow us to increase our business more than enough to compensate for the additional head count.”
Jacquelyn Thorp Kinworthy, SPHR/MSHR
HR-Coach Products and Services, Placentia

“As a high-tech company selling online real estate disclosure reports, we will move away from impersonal online marketing to more personal, face-to-face communication via industry conferences, luncheons, seminars, panel discussions and member association meetings. Additionally, we will replace voice mail messages with live customer service representatives to better connect with our customers.”
Mona Lisa Faris
vice president
California Tax Data, Inc., Irvine

“After discovering that we are ‘one of the best kept secrets in OC,’ we intend to make sure that high net worth individuals, estate attorneys, investments managers, bankers and other financial professionals know that we exist and understand what we do. Cymric Family Office Services is nationally recognized as a leading multi-family office and the only one in OC.
Patricia M. Soldano, president
Cymric Family Office Services, Costa Mesa

“One of my main business goals in 2006 is to expand my network of friends, which off the bat sounds more like a personal goal. But, in my first year of business, I received more new leads from my existing circle of friends than I did with any marketing program.”
Lisa Zwick, principal
Moxxi Communications, Laguna Hills

“With my newest book, ‘A Circus Without Elephants,’ arriving in March, I recently read a book on publicity and generated a list of 100 chores. I will contact bookstores and media, arrange speeches, do mailings and entertain audiences.”
Maralys Wills, author
Orange County

“Increasing our client base by expanding awareness of our emerging industry is our mission in 2006. We will be educating Baby Boomers and professional advisers about our services, which allow people to minimize the stress felt during life transitions, such as illness, death and divorce.”
Camille Jayne, founder
Matters at Hand, Irvine

“At earningpower.org, our goal for 2006 is to build a media platform that extends our reach into corporate sponsorships, executive endorsements and increased membership of men who want to endorse women in business.”
Rachel Bondi, founder/CEO
Earning Power, Dana Point

“SCR’s goal is to reach out to new audiences. In 2006, a primary focus will be the implementation of a state-of-the-art ticketing and fundraising data base, which will strengthen e-commerce and Web marketing efforts, providing opportunities to deepen communication with current and potential audiences.”
Paula Tomei, managing director
South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa

“Restaurant Reps will generate $1.3 million in sales for OC restaurants by year-end in 2005. Our mission for 2006: creating synergy with companies like Headwire, Inc., improving our data management system, allowing 50% increase in our time-management, deepening our relationships with event planners and restaurateurs by delivering on our commitment to educate.”
Lori Lotko, CEO
Restaurant Reps, Inc., Laguna Hills