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YouMail partners with LetsTalk.com

LetsTalk.com will incorporate Irvine-based YouMail, Inc. application on select Android and BlackBerry Phones

by Jennifer OckPublished: January 19, 2012 01:05 PM

YouMail, a mobile provider of cloud-based telecommunications services, and LetsTalk.com, an online retailer for mobile devices, have collaborated to extend their services to each other’s customers.
According to the agreement, LetsTalk.com will preload YouMail’s Visual Voicemail service program on a number of its Android and BlackBerry devices, allowing customers to buy mobile devices and services through YouMail’s new online store powered by LetsTalk.com. Such a joint venture will provide customers with a simple, “one-click” process for upgrading their basic carrier service voicemail to YouMail.

“YouMail interacts everyday with its smartphone-based subscribers making it a valuable platform for delivering mobile services,” states Alex Quilici, YouMail’s CEO. “LetsTalk.com allows us to quickly offer our customers a compelling buying experience, complementing the services we develop ourselves with other relevant ones they want.”

Smartphone users on major U.S. wireless carriers are able to download YouMail free of charge. Once a YouMail user, a custom view of the store is automatically laid out, with each pertaining to its existing carrier and device.

Created in 2007, YouMail, Inc. is a mobile provider of cloud-based enhanced telecommunication services. Its free flagship program, Visual Voicemail Plus provides a cohesive and social voicemail experience for its users on BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, WebOS, Windows Phone 7, and Windows 6.5 platforms. In recent years, consumers and carriers have gradually picked up the application as the default or recommended voicemail service.

Since 2009, YouMail’s Visual Voicemail application has been downloaded more than three million times and has had 75 million individual callers interact with the company’s service. YouMail’s Visual Voicemail app carries many unique and popular features such as the Visual Caller ID, which visually identifies most callers with an appropriate image (such as a Facebook photo) and name, even when he is not in a user’s address book, the Smart Greetings, which automatically greets callers by name with little or not setup, and Any Device Access, which lets users pick up their mobile voicemail on phones, tablets, computers, or even through e-mail or text messages.

An innovative, online retailer of cell phones, wireless devices and service plans, LetsTalk.com differentiates itself from the rest of the competition on its strong stand to aid customers to research, compare, and purchase cell phones and service plans in a user-friendly environment, without any bias and sales pressure. 

“We’re pleased to provide a mobile store for YouMail. [Its] audience is mobile and smartphone savvy, making it the perfect audience to take advantage of our special offers by providing them with the ability to shop online, away from the pressure of retail stores," said Dave Frame, chief marketing officer of LetsTalk.com. "With YouMail, we now have a valuable added bonus for our customers: a state-of-the-art, visual voicemail service that’s only one click away.”

Quilici also describes how this distribution agreement gives his company an opportunity to further display its popular and free Visual Voicemail application to a wider audience at a quicker pace.

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