• May 2015
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Production Specs

Trim: 7.625 x 10.75
Bleed 8.125 x 11.25
(All measurements given in inches)

To request more information please fill out the advertising form here

SizeWidth x Height
A. Full Page / Live Area6.625 x 9.75
B. Spread / Live Area14.25 x 9.75
C. 1/2 Page Vertical3.1875 x 9.75
D. 1/2 Page Horizontal 6.625 x 4.75
E. 1/4 Page3.1875 x 4.75
F. 1/8 Page Horizontal3.1875 x 2.25

Production Fees

• Rates include two proofs of revisions.

• Additional proofs or revisions are $25 each.

Camera-Ready Information

• Ads may be submitted as native layered files (with all collected/packaged necessary files & fonts), PDFs or other high-resolution formats.

• Acceptable formats for camera-ready submissions: *.PDF, *.EPS, *.AI, *.PSD, *.TIF, *.INDD

• Ads may be submitted via CD/DVD, e-mail or FTP.
- Ads that have relatively small file sizes (8MB or less) may be e-mailed to your account executive.
- FTP site information to upload ads or materials are available by request.

• We cannot accept camera-ready files created in Adobe Pagemaker, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word or any other non-graphic program.

Printing Information

• 133-line screen

• All magazines are produced and proofed digitally.

• Churm Media uses Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, all on the Macintosh platform.

Font Information

• Include ALL font files (Adobe Postscript preferred), and include any fonts that were used to create *.EPS, *.AI or *.INDD files, as well. We cannot accept any True Type fonts. If using True Type fonts in your documents, please convert all type to outlines before submitting.

• When using Adobe Illustrator to create an ad or any elements included within an ad, please make sure all type is converted to outlines, or font files are included when submitting ad files.

Image Information

• Include ALL placed artwork, embedded graphics and all other relevant materials. File formats for any images provided must be *.PSD, *.TIF or *.EPS. When saving a file as an *.EPS, please make sure that there is no JPEG encoding. Please do not save any *.TIF files with LZW compression. All image resolution must be at least 300 dpi.

• Please make sure your 4-color images are CMYK (not RGB or pantone) to ensure proper printing of your ad.

• Any ads created on a PC must be translated to an *.EPS file, which can be read by Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. If you are using CorelDraw!, please convert all text to curves and export your ad to an *.EPS or *.AI (Adobe Illustrator) file.

For questions, please contact the Churm Media Art Department at 949.757.1404 Ext. 241.