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AnyMeeting launches 6-way video conferencing

The company hopes to reinvent the online meeting experience for businesses.

By Karly BarkerPublished: October 10, 2011 02:27 PM

Huntington Beach-based AnyMeeting, a web conferencing company, is launching a newly designed website that will allow six-way video meetings for business and personal use. AnyMeeting says the conferencing tool is ideal for both small face-to-face collaborative meetings as well as panel discussions.

"We are constantly working to improve our service and bring the power of web meetings to everyone," said Costin Tuculescu, president and CEO of AnyMeeting. "The changes we've made to AnyMeeting, including six-way video conferencing, provide more flexibility for our users and offer the tools needed to host any type of meeting, large or small."

In addition to the group video feature, the new interface has faster screen sharing capabilities, according to a company representative. The firm says the document and presentation sharing program is also faster than ever before. The new interface includes a Quick Task Bar where all of the menu functions can be reached. Lastly, AnyMeeting updated the screen management system, which will configure to any size of meeting.

The new interface comes shortly after the company’s announcement that users can sell tickets to their meetings using PayPal. AnyMeeting says users can now generate revenue from their meetings via the free conferencing site.

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