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Autobytel Inc. launches a newly remodeled website

The Irvine-based car buying website now has access to almost one million vehicle images, car reviews, and free user profile

By Kristen CervantesPublished: July 21, 2011 11:58 PM

Autobytel, an Irvine-based company that aims to make car buying easier for consumers and dealerships, recently launched its newly remodeled website, Autobytel.com. The companty hopes to reach out to a broader audience and enhance the viewing experience for visitors.

“The new Autobytel.com is designed to [satisfy online visitors] by bringing excitement and fun back to the online car buying experience, while at the same time giving consumers expert advice on a number of issues surrounding the shopping and decision process,” said Jeffrey Coats, Autobytel Inc. president and CEO.

Along with an updated design layout, Autobytel.com added many features to help car buyers gain more information on dealerships, navigate the site resourcefully and interact with others nationwide.  

Some of the new features include:  Access to almost one million new and used car images, detailed vehicle reviews, and user friendly tools, such as MyGarage where consumers can create a free user profile and manage their saved vehicles.

One way Autobytel Inc. reengineered the car buying experience was by relying heavily on consumer input while designing the updated website.  The company used surveys and focus groups to obtain a better understanding of what information consumers and dealerships needed while purchasing or trading a vehicle.

As one of the first automotive online companies, Autobytel Inc. updates its website when necessary to appease a new generation of consumers, according to the firm.

“We pioneered the automotive internet when we launched Autobtel.com in 1995 and we have set out to reengineer the online car buying experience again in 2011,” said Coats.

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Readers Feedback:

I like the website. It looks great, easy to use and has a ton of great articles. I remember way back that I had a garage on this website. I used to keep my service history updated on the website.
Comment at 7/22/2011