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Bella Terra inks deal with Costco

Wholesaler will replace former Mervyns store at the Huntington Beach retail center.

By Kristen SchottPublished: March 15, 2010 02:54 PM

Bella Terra officials aim to bring the first Costco warehouse to Huntington Beach: Development plans were submitted to the city this morning for the new 154,000-square-foot store, which is slated to replace the former Mervyns at the open-air retail center.

The new location is expected to generate $1.2 million in annual revenue for the city, as well as create more than 200 full and part-time jobs.

The news comes on the heels of Bella Terra's announcement late last year that it plans to open a Whole Foods Market at the former home of Circuit City this fall – and it's a significant move for the center.

"(Costco) replaces a large vacant space that was challenging to re-lease given the current economic climate and retrenchment in the retail industry," says Lindsay Parton, president of DJM Development Partners, an affiliate of DJM Capital Partners, which assembled the Bella Terra district. "It is rare in this environment to fill such large blocks of space at all, let alone with premier retailers such as Whole Foods and Costco."

Costco officials selected the site at the 800,000-square-foot destination after an in-depth study of its shopping patterns and market, adds Parton.

"There are almost 40,000 Costco members residing in Huntington Beach. With the Bella Terra location we will keep those customers shopping in the city and attract additional shoppers from the surrounding area."

The store will be situated on the northwest portion of the property near the land set aside for the planned Village at Bella Terra, a mixed-use residential, retail and entertainment development. Costco will offer a full-format store with bakery items, hot dogs and a gas station.

Once plans are reviewed and approved, construction is expected to take about a year.

"Costco is a premier destination retailer that will enhance the shopping options at Bella Terra," finishes Parton.

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Readers Feedback:

Parking and traffic. A Whole Foods is also supposed to go in at Bella Terra. The parking is already a nightmare and traffic is going to get really bad if the city follows through on thier plans to build more 16 story towers like at Beach and Warner. What are you thinking HB?
Comment at 3/15/2010
As a regular at Bella Terra I can already say that parking is a nightmare with the shops that are already there. With the addition of Costco and Whole Foods traffic will only become worse if not stopping altogether. If the city goes ahead with these plans a redesign and retooling of the parking lot and the streets surrounding Bella Terra will be required. Including a re-synchronization of the lights at the Edinger-Beach Boulevard and the extension lights on Beach for the back street to Bella Terra. I think that these two stores will be great for the city by bringing into revenue into the city. I just wish that the means of ingress and egress were better structured in and around Bella Terra.
Comment at 3/16/2010
Do they expect people to take the shopping cart back to the parking structure since that is the only parking at the Bella Terra? Just ridiculous. This shopping center is becoming more of a nightmare.
Comment at 3/16/2010
Parking at the Bella Terra is already horrible, now it will be a nightmare. Also add in now that both Whole Foods and Costco will add carts all over the parking lot/structure. Is the city going to widen Center Dr., Edinger Ave and retool Beach Blvd to accommodate the traffic, or is this just to get more sales tax revenue into the coffers? Don't forget there is also a plan to build highrise condos on/near that location as well.
Comment at 3/16/2010
I work at Bella Terra, and at first i thought it would be horrible to have Costco there, but it's really not. It will atract more customers to Bella Terra. And think about it, Costco shoppers won't be parking in the parking structure. there is a huge parking lot where Mervyn's used to be, and they will be using that parking lot. And plus, there are like 6 or 7 different ways to enter Bella Terra. People just need to get smarter on how they enter Bella Terra and park in appropriate spaces. :)
Comment at 3/17/2010
It is a good news. However, I am worry about that it will be generated a lot of traffics
Comment at 3/17/2010
Now Bella Terra needs to finally bring an Apple STore to the area and we're set!!! :-)
Comment at 7/19/2010