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Boeing slashes 100 jobs in Huntington Beach

It's part of a larger reduction of 510 in its Space Exploration division as NASA brings its shuttle program to a close.

By Kristen SchottPublished: June 07, 2011 10:03 AM

The Boeing Co. plans to cut 100 staffers at its Huntington Beach facility – a result of the planned completion of NASA's Space Shuttle program.

The Huntington Beach staffers are part of a larger work-force reduction of 510 in Boeing's Space Exploration division. Two-hundred and sixty employees will be cut in Houston and another 150 will be laid off at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The workers' final day is expected to be Aug. 5, after the final mission – STS-135 – comes to an end.

Boeing's "priority" is to make sure the last mission is completed successfully, "allowing the Space Shuttle program to cross the finish line as a winner," said Brewster Shaw, Boeing Space Exploration vice president and general manager.

The company, however, plans to move some of its staffers to other areas, including the International Space Station and Commercial Crew Development programs. It also is offering its affected staffers benefits and career transition services.

“We hope that the next-generation exploration launch system will serve to mitigate some of these losses, but time is running out,” said Shaw. "We are supporting our employees in their efforts to move to other positions, and we are grateful to them for their dedicated service.”

Boeing has been active in the U.S. space program for more than 50 years; the company has participated in every major human spaceflight initiative since Project Mercury, according to a statement.

“We remain committed to NASA’s human spaceflight program and will continue to pursue future opportunities,” said Shaw.

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