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Published: February 01, 2013


By Steve Churm
CEO/Editorial Director, Churm Media

January 2013
Full speed ahead

Look for more circulation and even better content on the horizon for OC METRO, as Freedom Communications acquires Churm Media after a 22-year run serving Orange County.

December 2012
A tale of two counties

A groundbreaking study shows a growing gap in social services that, if unchecked, threatens the future of Orange County.

November 2012
The master planner

A man with a sharp vision, Ray Watson may have been the single most important influence on 21st-century Orange County.

October 2012
It's a great moment to act

Thrown a curve ball by the state, Irvine has an opportunity to have its Great Park and political cake, too. But will the city act?

September 2012
Dispatches from the road:

a Greek drama in real time

Here’s a Greek drama in real time through the eyes of an Athens cabbie who speaks volumes about his nation’s economic collapse.

August 2012
The gold standard

Irvine businessman Mitch Goldstone won a $7.2 billion court settlement. Persistence was the key in this classic showdown.

July 2012
Will this be the Summer of Love, Part II?

Signals indicate the long-forecasted economic bounce back is unfolding in O.C., where investing and spending are heating up.

June 2012
Connecting with consumers

How 3 companies – Disneyland, Starbucks and Oakley –
succeed by building trust bridges with their audiences.

May 2012
Alone Together

Warning: We are connected like never before, but we’re losing the art of conversation. Young professionals need to start talking more.

April 2012
We need your support

After 30 years of rescuing women from domestic violence, Human Options still needs our help to continue this fight.

March 2012
The business of politics

America’s best economic stimulus package is the Republican Presidential Primary Road Show. Will California get its share?

February 2012
A personal role model

He took a page from a business playbook that was truly ahead of its time.

January 2012
Reset your expectation – NOW

The economy – and life – has changed for good. One generation
gets it and sees the opportunities. The rest of us better catch up.

December 2011
Business drives Irvine

It’s safe, and the schools are world-renowned. But it is Irvine’s
business base that will secure its future for another 40 years.

November 2011
Cleared for takeoff

Airport Director Alan Murphy talks about JWA’s $500 million
upgrade, and whether the Duke himself would have approved.

October 2011
Lessons to be learned

As the economy teeters, the best business lessons are coming
from an unlikely source – Orange County’s nonprofits.

September 2011
Remembering 9/11

Our lives were forever changed when terrorists attacked American soil, and it will affect our daily lives for decades to come.

August 2011
Simple and sound advice

In the business of law, there’s no substitute for being prepared.
Just ask veteran Santa Ana trial attorney Daniel Callahan.

July 2011
Summer interns

In a recovery period, when new jobs are scarce, internships can spell the difference in ultimately getting hired. Churm Media is proof positive.

June 2011
The O.C. Trust Summit

Invest one lunch hour with us, and we may change the way you
run your business and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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