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Bridgeport Investments lands $14 Million deal with CapRock Partners

In 20 days, Bridgeport and CapRock were able to close the deal.

By Kristen CervantesPublished: July 15, 2011 11:44 AM

Orange County based real estate investment banking and advisor firm, Bridgeport Investments, has teamed up with its client, CapRock Partners, to generate a $14 million equity investment in 20 days - making it one of the largest and fastest deals for Bridgeport.

“This is a key example of capitalizing a hairy deal,” said Bridgeport Investments’ founding principal Randy Bramel.

Bridgeport and CapRock worked well together in negotiating, financing, and closing the transaction in such a short amount of time, Bramel said.

“It’s unusual to have a loan acquisition opportunity with a loan that is in default, with the borrower in bankruptcy, and a vacant property, and yet successfully arrange a closing in just 20 days on an all-cash basis with an institutional partner,” Bramel added.

The transaction was acquired for cash at a reduced face value.  An institutional investor that could handle such a large investment was also needed to assist with the deal.

“As out strategic partner, Bridgeport was instrumental in bringing not just the capitol to the deal to allow us to close in 20 days, but selecting an investor for CapRock Partners that shares a similar mindset and approach to the business, with whom we hope to have a long and prosperous relationship,” said CapRock COO, Pat Daniels.

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