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Broadcom joins Climate Savers Computing Initiative

The global nonprofit group seeks to reduce the energy consumption of networking devices.

By Victor JacobsPublished: March 16, 2011 01:11 PM

Irvine-based chipmaker Broadcom has joined the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI), a nonprofit group that aims to reduce the global energy consumption of networking equipment.

Currently, more than 150 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are used to run information technology equipment – and that equates to $16 billion a year. CSCI's goal is to lower greenhouse gas emissions throughout the IT sector by setting targets for energy-efficient computers and components, and encouraging the use of green devices and power management tools worldwide. The initiative is led by Cisco, Dell, Google and Microsoft, among others.

Broadcom believes joining the initiative will strengthen its role in facilitating green networks. The chipmaker boasts a portfolio of Ethernet Efficient Energy (EEE) devices that are designed to lower power costs. The technology places circuits into sleep-mode during idle time.

"CSCI has already made significant strides in reducing the world's power consumption through their dedication to promoting the implementation of smart technology," said Nicholas IIyadis, vice president and chief technical officer of Broadcom. "Through our collaboration with CSCI and other industry leaders we hope to have an even greater impact in reducing energy costs and decreasing the carbon footprint of today's networks."

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