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Buy.com brings its online marketplace to Japan

The firm's Easy International Forwarding service allows its third-party retailers to reach some 70 million new customers.

By Victor JacobsPublished: February 23, 2011 02:19 PM

Aliso Viejo-based e-commerce firm Buy.com has launched a new service that will allow its third-party retailers to sell and ship to some 70 million Japanese customers who use Rakuten Ichiba – the country's largest online mall.

To introduce the new Easy International Forwarding service, Buy.com is offering discounted prices on goods from computers to wine, and everything in between at import.buy.com. Also, as an added convenience, Buy.com will automatically calculate the exchange rate upon checkout.

"With Easy International Forwarding, our U.S. manufacturing and retail partners now have access to an enormous new customer base, and customers in Japan will benefit with access to products they can't find locally," said Neel Grover, CEO and president of Buy.com.

Founded in 1997, Buy.com currently offers a large variety of goods to a customer base of more than 18 million. The company is owned by Rakuten Group, which offers a variety of business-focused services such as banking, securities and online marketing. Rakuten currently owns e-commerce sites in 11 countries throughout Asia, Western Europe and North America, and plans to expand into 16 additional countries and regions around the globe.

"Rakuten and Buy.com have a shared vision of borderless commerce – to enable consumers anywhere to easily buy products sold by merchants in other countries," said Hiroshi Mikitani, founder, chairman and CEO of Rakuten.

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