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CareerBliss provides uncensored employment answers

Irvine-based website creates a networking site for employment questions.

BY Schardé VallonePublished: June 23, 2011

CareerBliss, an Irvine-based job listing website, has launched a platform for employees to post anonymous reviews of their company. The new site, called Company Q&A, is an interactive community forum that allows job applicants to make inquiries about businesses of interest and receive straightforward answers from current employees.

From the beginning CareerBliss offered various information about employers including salary, work-life balance, vacation time, health plans, company structure, and overall employee happiness rating of various companies nationwide. CareerBliss hopes the new interactive addition will add another level of service and assistance to their website.

Based on CareerBliss’ website, there are three steps to using Company Q&A: 1. Ask your question, 2. Answer questions and 3. Vote for great questions and helpful answers. There is a strict privacy policy that protects the identities of the questioners and the answering employees, allowing for both positive and negative comments and observations.

“CareerBliss Company Q&A allows candidates a confidential inside look at what a potential company has to offer straight from the people who work there,” says Heidi Golledge, co-founder and CEO of CareerBliss. “The launch of Company Q&A is not just a way to find a new job for 2011, but a way to ultimate career happiness for years to come.”

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