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Local officials step up efforts to lure Comic-Con to Anaheim

Move could bring estimated $60 million boost to the city.

By Kristen SchottPublished: March 28, 2010 09:48 AM

Courtesy of Anaheim/O.C. Visitor & Convention Bureau
Local officials are stepping up their efforts to bring Comic-Con International to the Anaheim Convention Center in 2013 – a move that could bring an estimated $60 million economic boost to the city.

Tourism officials last week issued an open letter to the Comic-Con Board of Directors, announcing the launch of a facebook page and listing the reasons why the region would be a prime spot for the annual event. Comic-Con draws some 125,000 attendees and is the largest of its kind in the U.S. A bid was also submitted earlier this year.

"This is a pop-culture type of convention, so we decided to take a pop-culture type of an angle to communicate to their (Comic-Con's) board," says Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau spokeswoman Elaine Cali.

The comic-book gathering has been held in San Diego for the past 40 years. But Comic-Con officials are currently considering alternative locations throughout Southern California, including the local venue, which boasts a total facility area of 1.6 million square feet and is the largest convention center on the West Coast.

Cali says local officials hope to stir a grass-roots effort to bring Comic-Con to the venue – and so far, it's garnering notice.

The facebook fan page, which launched last Wednesday, already has more than 1,000 fans – a testament to the "fervor of the Southern California crowd ... at the mere consideration of Comic-Con International moving to Anaheim," which was noted in the letter.

What's more, Cali believes Comic-Con officials are weighing the benefits of the venue – they are expected to discuss the matter during their April board meeting.

"You need to be assured that moving to Anaheim is the best decision you could ever make," stated the letter. "The outcome of this endeavor is unknown, but the effort will benefit us all by helping you decide the best possible location for Comic-Con International 2013 and beyond."

The full correspondence is available here.

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Readers Feedback:

A lot of people joined that to show they didn't want it going to Anaheim.
Comment at 3/29/2010
I am work for light speed fine arts and a big fan of the yearly event and I think it couled be a good thing. Chang is always good plus it could cost less to have in Anaheim for every one in the long run. I think they shuold try it for the one year and see hoe it works out and if it does not then go back to SD.
Comment at 3/29/2010
Great article
Comment at 3/29/2010
While I'm all in favor of recruiting business to Anaheim (the city where I live) it may be a serious inconvenience for me personally - I live within walking distance of the Anaheim Convention Center; we're practically next door neighbors. It gets pretty crazy around here when it's busy. Good news for Anaheim so we who reside here must consider the benefits of the greater good. We've definitely grown I've lived here before Walt (Disney) moved in :)
Comment at 3/29/2010