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Trustworthy brands: how & why, continued ...Published: April 01, 2010

“Unless you’re out looking for a flat- screen TV, Vizio isn’t exactly a household name,” he says. “But we found that Vizio had high marks across the board for ability, consistency, sincerity, and concern and connection.”
Beaver called Planned Parenthood “the underdog” in the survey. It rattles many in Orange County because of its support for abortions. But on a closer look, Beaver says, “Planned Parenthood has such a strong history … and it’s providing services that are really desired by the community.”
And how do the top 10 feel about the honor? Most are ecstatic.
“We never take anything for granted,” says Tim Mead, the Angels’ vice president of communications. “We’re very proud of our fan base. When you see the shirts and hats with the Angels logo out in the community, it’s all ages wearing them.”
Not that the Angels haven’t had a few squabbles with the hometown leaders. The late Gene Autry, who brought his California Angels to Anaheim in 1966, once threatened to pull out when city officials wanted to convert much of the parking lot at the stadium to shops and hotels as part of a development agreement with the Los Angeles Rams football team. Autry won in court; the Rams left town. Five years ago, the city was back in court, suing current owner Arte Moreno, who changed the post-Autry name of Anaheim Angels to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Again, the city lost.
Despite these brouhahas between the team and the city, it’s never affected the Angels’ fan base. The Angels have consistently remained in the top three in the American League in attendance – second in 2009 only to the New York Yankees. The Angels were the only American League team besides the Yankees to have more than 40,000 fans per home game – well ahead of the third-ranked Boston Red Sox at under 38,000 per home game, according to Sports Reference LLC, a leading baseball research firm.
“Sustainability and consistency are the key,” Mead says of the team’s success. “The fans here realize that we are committed to quality baseball.”
The Angels have made the playoffs five of the last six years and won the World Series against the San Francisco Giants in 2002, the year that the Rally Monkey became a household name.