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Published: April 01, 2010

How did we crunch the numbers?

The nuts and bolts of OC METRO and the Values Institute's survey


The identification of Orange County’s 10 Most Trustworthy  Brands is the result of a five-month survey that asked locals to rate approximately 200 local and national brands on a scale of 1 to 5, with specific focus on five measures of trust: sincerity, ability, concern, consistency and connection. Safeguards were implemented to weed out campaigns intended to manipulate results. Given those measures and other factors, we report these findings with a 95 percent confidence level – a standard accepted by most researchers.
The survey took participants – 49.9 percent of whom were women; 50.1 percent men – an average of 18 minutes to complete.

Respondent demographics – for the most part – fall in line with Orange County’s Population. The majority – 67 percent – are married. The U.S. Census estimates 70 percent of Orange County residents are married or partnered. And 30 percent are single – a statistic that mirrors Census estimates.

In terms of household income:
    • 28 percent said they make $50,000 to $100,000 – 31 percent of the county
    • 25 percent under $50,000 – 32 percent of the county
    • 15 percent $100,000 to $150,000 – 18 percent of the county
    • 11 percent more than $200,000 – 10 percent of the county
    • 6 percent $150,000 to $200,000  – 9 percent of the county
    • 15 percent fell in the category of “not applicable”

Perhaps what might be interesting to some readers is how well Orange County’s 10 Most Trustworthy Brands measure up against the national average for similar companies or institutions. Most remarkable: Not even one brand fell below the national average. That’s 50 measurements for five trust categories – sincerity, ability, concern, connection and consistency. That means Orange County 50, the rest of the country zip.