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Deltron moves forward with 'rebreather' technology

The Garden Grove-based firm acquires patent rights for components of the platform, which aids divers during deep-sea exploration.

By Casey GomezPublished: August 26, 2010

Garden Grove-based Deltron Inc. has secured both domestic and international patent rights for key components of its subsidiary's rebreather technology, which aids divers during deep-sea expeditions, among other uses.

The agreement gives Deltron's Blu Vu division the rights to develop new products based on the technology, and to license it to other manufacturers of rebreathers and related components throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia.

The acquisition includes the rights to a breathing valve and mouthpiece design comprised of a bailout valve, mouthpiece and control device for its rebreather systems.

“Securing international and domestic patent rights for these critical designs puts Blu Vu on firm footing for growth and leadership in the rebreather sector,” Deltron CEO Henry Larrucea said. “We are proud of the design and development of these components and believe they add significantly to the value of Deltron’s intellectual property portfolio.”

Rebreathers are systems that recirculate the gas a diver breathes, removing the carbon dioxide generated by human metabolism, and adding oxygen and other gases to replace what is consumed. This technology allows divers to go deeper, stay underwater longer, recover faster, and it increases productivity during dives.

Seattle-based Blu Vu’s closed-circuit rebreathers and components are used for deep-sea oil and gas exploration, mining, search and rescue, fire, building safety and hazardous materials applications, as well as for recreational diving.

Patent applications for the technology are currently up for approval, according to Deltron.

Deltron has more than 30 years of operating history. It is comprised of both Blu Vu and Elasco – an engineering and plastics design, molding and manufacturing company – and runs a production facility in Garden Grove.

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