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Fisker continues hiring frenzy

The Anaheim-based carmaker grows from 50 to 300 employees in six months.

By Karly BarkerPublished: June 29, 2011 09:43 AM

Fisker, the ever-growing Anaheim-based hybrid electric car company, plans to continue it’s hiring frenzy with an additional 100 new employees in Delaware. In January the Orange County headquarters employed a total of 50 people; just six months, later the home office is nearly six times larger, with nearly 300 employees in Anaheim alone. This number will hit almost 400 by the end of the year, according to company reps. By the end of the year, Fisker will have created more than 600 jobs nationwide in just 18 months.

“This is an exciting time for Fisker,” said Bernhard Koehler, Fisker Automotive’s COO and co-founder. “As we bring the Fisker Karma sedan to market and start delivering to customers, we are simultaneously starting to employ a world-class American work force to build world-class American electric vehicles with extended range (EVer) in a re-commissioned American plant.”

The company says most of the new hires are either engineers or production staff. The new employees are making it just in time for the release of the Karma, Fisker’s $100,000 electric sports car. The new hires will help the company launch its second line of production, which will feature Project Nina, less-expensive mid-size sedan. The company plans to release its next venture in 2012, with sales commencing in 2013. With the launch of the new line, the firm expects the hiring to continue.

“As we start to hire new employees, we will begin the process of installing new equipment and testing the manufacturing process,” said Koehle.

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Readers Feedback:

I've lived thropugh the Tucker ERA, the D'Lorien era and others. Need to se cars delivered and government money returned by making profits.
Comment at 6/29/2011
Company is run by retired/fired Big 3 employees. They were no good for Big 3 or they might be reason for pushing 2 out of 3 to bankrupcy. How can they be world class. They are classless.
Comment at 7/20/2011