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Google expands staff in Irvine

The Orange County office plans to increase staff by 20 percent.

By Karly BarkerPublished: July 08, 2011

Google plans to increase its Irvine staff of 150 employees by 20 percent before the end of the year. In February the search engine giant, which is headquartered in the Silicone Valley, announced that 2011 would be the biggest hiring year in company history with the addition of 6,000 jobs worldwide.  

“We don’t give out exact numbers but we are planning on increasing jobs in our Irvine office by at least 20 percent,” said a spokesperson from Google. “2011 will not only be the biggest hiring year for Google nationwide – it will also be the biggest hiring year for the Irvine office.”

The company plans to boost its staff in many areas including software engineers, engineering operations and management, product management and user experience. Openings are found in the analytics department and the company’s television ad department, which is one of the largest projects within the Irvine office.  

The coperation receives approximately 3,000 job applications a day nationwide, creating stiff competition for these new positions, a Google spokesperson told OC Metro.  On average the company interviews each applicant five times, prior to hiring.  The company boasts that its Irvine office has a positive work environment with an average of 3.5 engineers working on each project, a mini gym with weekly yoga classes and a café with a gourmet chef. 

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