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GreenWave Reality collaborates on Spain's SmartCity Malaga initiative

The Irvine firm will provide a platform to monitor energy usage.

BY Lauren GiudicePublished: January 06, 2011 02:58 PM

Irvine-based GreenWave Reality has been tapped to collaborate on Spain's SmartCity Malaga Project. The company will provide its home energy management platform to help residential customers control their usage.

The SmartCity Malaga initiative aims to introduce a new urban energy management model to improve efficiency, lower emissions and utilize renewable or alternative sources. The project involves 11 companies and is expected to benefit 300 industrial, 900 commercial and 12,000 household customers over a period of four years. It is being headed up by Endesa, the top utility in the Spanish electricity system.

The GreenWave Reality platform will be incorporated into the project to allow residents to conserve energy usage through LED lighting, and by monitoring and managing devices and appliances. Under the program, consumers will be able to get an overall view of their home's total energy usage.

"We eagerly look forward to beginning our work with the SmartCity project," said Greg Memo, CEO of GreenWave Reality. "This is one of the most innovative projects in the world and we are proud to provide our leading-edge home energy management solution to consumers so they may gain a better understanding and greater control of their energy usage."

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