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Irvine-based HireRight launches new mobile app

Applicant Center Mobile seeks to accelerate the background check process for job applicants.

By Elaine MurphyPublished: October 04, 2011 12:38 PM

Irvine-based HireRight, a background and drug screening service provider for companies and employment candidates, has released a mobile app to correspond with its Applicant Center portal. The new app allows employment candidates to keep track of their background screening process online. Applicant Center Mobile will have many of the same features as the online portal, and will let users send and receive information on their mobile device to make the background screening process faster.

Through the app, users can receive live help and view a record of all related documents sent and received. In order to simplify the application process for a background check, job applicants can transfer employment history and other information from their LinkedIn profiles to the program, which is available via smartphone or tablet.

 “With the interest we’ve seen in HireRight Applicant Center and the tremendous growth in use of mobile devices, it just made sense to develop a mobile version of the application,” said the company’s Senior Vice President of customer solutions, Rob Pickell. “HireRight Applicant Center Mobile not only helps support the employer brand through a differentiated screening experience, but it helps speed time-to-hire.”

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