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La Jolla Group partners with L.A.-based The Berrics

The deal adds skateboarding to the Irvine-based firm's brand portfolio.

By Caitlin AdamsPublished: February 16, 2011 02:46 PM

Irvine-based La Jolla Group has signed a partnership deal with The Berrics, a Los Angeles-based skateboarding and lifestyle website and facility. It's the first skate brand for the apparel licensing firm, which had previously focused its relationships on moto and surf labels.

The new deal is expected to expand La Jolla Group's strategy of diversification in youth culture brands, and benefit The Berrics current and future projects and company development.

“The Berrics brings an exciting media and business model to our industry, and we want to reinforce the groundbreaking efforts they have made these last three years,” said La Jolla Group CEO and former Hot 25 honoree Toby Bost. “It’s about giving them what they need to expand skate culture to an even wider audience globally in ways that only they can. By supporting the home to a very dedicated fan base as a result of the site’s content, events and grassroots ambitions, we can accomplish those goals.”

Founded in 2007 by professional boarders Eric Koston and Steve Berra, The Berrics boasts a unique approach to marketing skater lifestyle that includes offering independent retailers advertising opportunities on its website through geo-targeting in its Berrics Unified program – an "important part" of the company's DNA, according to the brand.

“When given the opportunity to partner with someone like La Jolla Group, take advantage of their infrastructure, still retain full control and ownership of our company, not have to worry about them having skate brands that compete with our advertisers … (it) was something we couldn't pass on,” Berra said. “We want to see skateboarding and the people who make it happen, from top to bottom, do better, especially in these tumultuous times.”

The new partnership will also enable The Berrics to focus more on philanthropic programs, such as the company’s first public skate park, scheduled to open this spring in Westchester, Calif.

“Skate is here to stay, and with The Berrics leading the sport’s grassroots future, LJG will offer our trademark collaborative approach, putting our best minds together to make sure this is a win-win for everyone,” said Bost.

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