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2 Mitsubishi cars break 5 Guinness World Records

The feat, which was achieved in a 24-hour period, is used in the Cypress-based automaker's new marketing campaign.

By Kristen SchottPublished: February 10, 2011 09:27 AM

The Mitsubishi Outlander and Sport model recently broke five Guinness World Records within a 24-hour period – and the Cypress-based automaker is using this accomplishment as the premise for its new marketing campaign, a multi-tiered initiative aimed at showcasing the company's technological innovations.

"Breaking world records seemed like a worthy challenge, as well as a fresh idea for a marketing campaign," said Gavin Milner, creative director for 180 Los Angeles, Mitsubishi's agency of record.

Mitsubishi tapped stuntman Garvin Cross – who has appeared as a double for actor Daniel Craig – to drive the two vehicles in December on the frozen Ghost Lake in Canada. At that time, the models broke these records: greatest distance driven by a vehicle in reverse on snow in 30 seconds; shortest braking distance by a vehicle on ice; most vehicle figure eights on ice in two minutes; fastest vehicle slalom relay on ice; and fastest driven square lap.

The goal of the tests was to demonstrate the capabilities of the Outlander and Outlander Sport, which utilize the automaker's all-wheel control system, a technology that measures throttle input, and engine and wheel speed to make driving in tough conditions safer.

"(The records are) an awesome way to show the technical prowess of the feature-rich lineup of Outlander vehicles," said Milner.

The world records have been incorporated into two TV spots, which also showcase the cars' performance in extreme weather. The ads will air on 12 network and cable TV stations. In addition, the campaign includes digital, social media and public relations platforms – and all elements drive consumers back to mitsubishicars.com/worldrecords.

"The spot clearly captures the incredible capabilities of our unparalleled all-wheel control system on our advanced Outlander family of vehicles," said Greg Adams, vice president of marketing for Mitsubishi.

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Readers Feedback:

The commercial is suspicious. They show daylight in Alberta at 6:05am in the winter. That is not possible
Comment at 2/11/2011
If these records where set in december in Alberta then you need to check your data better as i know that at 6:35 am daylight does not occur until after 8:00 am at all
Comment at 2/11/2011
I would like to know what brand and model of tires were on the cars? What were the tire pressure used during the runs? Were the tire pressures with in the ranges posted on the door frame? Did the tires have any special chemicals applied to them for the test runs? Were the tires used during the tests "street legal", i.e. DOT approved or not? Were the tires of standard or non-standard size? Were the tires new or re-treads (retreads have a softer rubber compound, so much so that they are sometimes not allowed in some ice racing)? Were the tires studded? Were the cars driven to Ghost Lake on the same tires as used during the test runs? Why did you not post these answers? TIA David
Comment at 2/16/2011
Comment at 3/18/2011