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Costa Mesa officials approve fairgrounds ballot measure

The June 8 special election will put land-use designation in hands of voters.

By Kristen SchottPublished: February 16, 2010 09:17 AM

Costa Mesa officials last night unanimously approved placing a measure on the June 8 ballot that would allow residents to vote on the land-use designation of the Orange County fairgrounds.

The ballot initiative will give voters the opportunity to lock in the general plan amendment language, which provides information on the uses for the 150-acre fairgrounds. Allowable activities would include equestrian, concert and live entertainment uses, while those prohibited would include casinos and shopping centers.

Placing the measure on the June ballot could cost between about $112,000 and $137,000.

The move comes in response to the recent actions by state officials to sell off the property to curb the massive budget deficit. The venue – which houses the popular O.C. Fair, among a number of events that draw visitors and boost revenue for local businesses – was auctioned off to Newport Beach-based retail outlet developer Craig Realty Group for $56.5 million in January.

The state is currently reviewing the high bid.

Moving forward, Councilwoman Katrina Foley says officials will continue to work with the governor's office to encourage Schwarzenegger to stop the sale and reject all the bids for the property, while also transitioning ownership to the city.

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Readers Feedback:

The fairground has to be a fairground, its the only area that can be used as such and the people want it, we have too many stores my God, and the area can be multi purpose like it always has been, Newport beach is crowed with homes and costa mesa is as well, we do not need more houses & strip malls
Comment at 2/17/2010