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Aliso Viejo's Quest Software, HealthCast join forces

The partnership seeks to simplify and automate secure access to health-care information.

By Caitlin AdamsPublished: February 21, 2011 02:41 PM

Aliso Viejo-based Quest Software has formed a Technology Alliance Partnership with Idaho-based Healthcast Inc. aimed at improving the data security and IT infrastructure of electronic health-care information.

By using technology from both firms, the collaboration has produced a clinical workflow solution that automates secure access to protected health-care data. The new program combines aspects of Quest’s vWorkspace and HealthCast’s QwickACCESS to increase security and speed up clinical access to electronic health records and other software information systems through a virtual desktop.

With that virtual platform, an individual’s customizable computer desktop user interface is expanded through software to accommodate additional desktops beyond the space normally available on a monitor. Virtualized desktops may be stored on remote servers and commonly employ a graphical user interface.

“We welcome HealthCast as a Technology Alliance Partner, as we work together to take the access and delivery of health-care information to the next level,” said Simon Pearce, vice president and general manager of desktop virtualization for Quest Software. “The combination of vWorkspace and QwickACCESS gives health-care professionals the simplest, quickest and most secure way to access patient information. Workflow can be centrally managed to reduce costs and security concerns while increasing control of the clinical desktop environment.”

Quest vWorkspace is the company’s seventh-generation virtual desktop management suite, which allows offices to install, equip and manage virtual desktops. The program is flexible across multiple platforms and designed to reduce costs while improving security and ease of use.

Applying QwickACCESS to the vWorkspace suite provides fast, direct access to each user’s virtual desktop, with the added benefit of HealthCast’s proximity badge function. The program securely automates the login to a user’s vWorkspace virtual desktop session simply with the tap of a proximity badge. By tapping the badge again, the virtual desktop is securely disconnected. The user can then move to another computer, tap the badge again, and reconnect to his or her virtual desktop and applications to continue his sessions. If a user forgets to close a session, a second individual can “tap-over” an active virtual desktop to launch his or her own. The program's configurable "password-save" platform refreshes at each tap of the badge, which reduces the need to re-enter login information.

 “Analysts are calling QwickACCESS a game changer because of the time it saves on every user login, which really adds up,” said Joan Mehn, CEO of HealthCast Inc. “QwickACCESS to vWorkspace continues HealthCast’s tradition of innovation to streamline clinician workflow, strengthen data security and decrease infrastructure management costs.”

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