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St. Joseph Hospital opens 3-D operating room

Surgical space is the most advanced in the U.S., say center's doctors, medical professionals.

By Carol StarcevicPublished: May 21, 2010 11:17 AM

Courtesy of St. Joseph Hospital
Orange-based Saint Joseph Hospital has opened its Hybrid Operating Room, featuring the robotic 3-D imaging system Artis Zeego.

The new system makes the operating room the most advanced surgical suite in the U.S., according to the hospital's medical team.

The platform allows cardiologists and medical professionals to see details of an operation in real-time and in full color, resulting in a more accurate diagnosis, according to Renee Mazeroll, R.N., executive director of the Heart and Vascular Center at the hospital.

“It’s like going from black-and-white television in the 1950s to IMAX,” said Mazeroll.

The Artis Zeego imaging mechanism forms high-resolution images of the heart and vascular system, creating a 3-D model that can be rotated in space. This lets medical professionals navigate through tiny blood vessels to more accurately determine a clogged artery’s diameter and degree of narrowing.

High-risk patients over 80 with valve disease, as well as those who have had multiple heart and vascular surgeries, will particularly benefit from this minimally invasive and extremely safe procedure.

Before the development of Artis Zeego, medical teams performed some procedures in standard operating rooms. Other procedures required a separate room, such as a cardiac catheterization lab, and a different team. The Hybrid Operating Room, on the other hand, allows for a more timely and advanced process.

“For example, a patient who needs heart bypass surgery and angioplasty can now have both procedures at the same time, in the same room,” said Thomas Kim, M.D., medical director of non-invasive cardiology. “We are definitely operating in the most advanced operating room in the United States.”

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Readers Feedback:

Hello, My name is Anthony and I work at ST Joe's in Orange. I am an Cardiac Cathlab Technologist and I work in the Hybrid OR. This is my image that I reconstructed using the Siemens Imaging system...
Comment at 6/2/2010
The staff at St. Joseph's Hospital are some of the most talented clinicians nationally so it makes sense that you would find the best operating room at the best hospital. Keep up the great work!
Comment at 6/10/2010