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T3 Motion lands $309,000 order for its electric vehicles

TSN plans to supply the Costa Mesa-based firm's products to law enforcement agencies and security firms in Mexico.

By Victor JacobsPublished: June 06, 2011 10:20 AM

Clean-tech firm T3 Motion Inc. has received an additional $309,000 order for its Electric Stand-Up Vehicles from Telecomunicaciones y Servicios del Norte (TSN), which distributes the Costa Mesa-based company's products in Mexico.

TSN has already sold more than $1.2 million worth of T3 Motion's products in the country. The company plans to supply the new vehicles to law enforcement agencies and security firms.

Such organizations currently use the products for tourist safety patrols in Acapulco and plaza security in Nuevo Laredo and Guadalajara, among other efforts.

“We are pleased with the high degree of demand for our clean-technology security vehicles in Mexico,” T3 Motion CEO Ki Nam said. “With this successful reorder, TSN has become our top-selling and most successful distributor."

The T3 Series Electric Stand-Up Vehicle operates for less than 10 cents per day and is powered by two interchangeable, rechargeable batteries that allow it to run 24/7 with unlimited range. The product features a zero-degree turning radius and extended battery life, as well as a 9-inch raised platform and a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

"This (TSN's order) is another great example of how our company is excelling on both the domestic and international arenas,” said Nam.

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