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Toshiba employs social networks to create a film

The Irvine-based company is teaming up with Intel on a project they hope will create a new genre for film.

By Schardé VallonePublished: July 13, 2011 11:39 AM

Irvine-based Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. is teaming up with Intel on a campaign to launch a blockbuster-level film that they hope will create a new genre in the industry.  The film, titled “Inside,” will employ social networks to allow viewers to participate and become a part of the movie.

“By bringing the worlds of social media and entertainment together, we will give the viewer the ability to have an active voice and play a participating role, something that has never been done before with traditional film,” says Johan Jervoe, vice president of Creative Services and Digital Marketing, Intel Corporation.

“Inside” will star actress Emmy Rossum, playing Christina, a woman trapped alone in a room. Integral to the plot is the second generation Intel Core i7 processor-powered Toshiba Satellite P775 series laptop in the room with her. Christina activates her social network in an attempt to reach out to friends, family, or anyone else who can help her – and this is where the audience insinuates their influence into the storyline, according to Toshiba.

The viewers are encouraged to connect with the protagonist by tweeting and posting clues, advice and insight. In addition, one viewer will have the opportunity to be cast in a role through a YouTube audition, which began July 11 and ends on July 20. The winner’s video will be a part of the film and their name will be included in the credits. The movie’s team of editors will choose the most relevant posts and clues to add to the film.

“With ‘Inside’, the goal was to provide our audience with a unique, engaging experience,” says Ron Smith, vice president of marketing, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Digital Productions Division. “We wanted to connect with a younger consumer audience through the social media channels and technologies they use most. Our hope is that viewers are enticed by the opportunities ‘Inside’ creates, giving them the possibility of seeing their name, comments and social identity included in a film that has the potential to alter the entertainment landscape.”

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