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Newport Beach's TowerJazz nets energy efficiency award

Southern California Edison honored the firm for its work to reduce annual usage.

By Tamirra StewartPublished: February 16, 2010 08:45 AM

An ongoing green efficiency, technology and business practices redux has paid off for integrated circuit maker TowerJazz. Southern California Edison has honored the company with an Outstanding Achievement in Energy Efficiency award.

The firm's Newport Beach facility reduced its energy usage by 9 million kilowatt-hours, the equivalent of nearly 13,000 barrels of oil or more than 1,000 cars on the road.

“We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint through optimizing efficiency throughout the Newport Beach site utilizing the latest in equipment technology and system design,” says Dale Bogan, director of facilities at the local plant.

In 2009, TowerJazz joined the Cool Planet Project, a program started by The Climate Registry and Southern California Edison. The platform encourages energy efficiency and works to bring about climate change by highlighting the connection between usage and greenhouse gas emissions.
“This award and the projects we have identified are examples of our efforts to achieve best practices and maximize opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders on efficiency improvement projects,” says Bogan.

TowerJazz has one of the best energy-efficiency records, according to Southern California Edison Director of Energy Efficiency Gene Rodrigues.

"It is a pleasure to recognize TowerJazz for its ongoing efforts to increase energy efficiency and implement projects that improve the performance and effectiveness of its energy usage,” he says.

TowerJazz, which also operates a manufacturing facility in Israel, also plans to expand its global capacity at its two plants. The firm's Fab2 operations in Israel will add 30,000 silicon wafers per year, and the plant in Newport Beach will increase its production by 36,000 annually. The wafers are a key component in semiconductors. TowerJazz expects to pay $15 million to purchase the equipment needed to up its manufacturing capacity.

"Our plans for capacity expansion are based upon customer forecasts and projections which support continued growth as we gear up for a strong 2010 and 2011," says CEO Russell Ellwanger. "We are committed to our customers’ success as demonstrated by our move to quickly expand capacity and we are excited to help enable their market growth and to increase our market share."

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Jazz is the largest water user in OC.
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