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YouMail launches Visual Caller ID

Irvine-based YouMail Inc. adds a new feature to Visual Voicemail Plus

By Kylie MalstromPublished: September 12, 2011 01:33 PM

In true “There’s an App for that” spirit, Irvine-based YouMail is adding Visual Caller ID to its flagship product, Visual Voicemail Plus. Founded in 2007, YouMail Inc. invents mobile applications and services that seek to simplify how people connect and communicate. To that end, Visual Caller ID visually identifies missed callers with a name, a representative image and city/state information, even when the calling number is not found in the user’s address book.

“Visual voicemail has been a misnomer. YouMail is the first voicemail service to visually identify who that missed call or voicemail was really from,” said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. “This makes it even faster to get through one’s voicemail and avoid guesswork, while decreasing lost productivity and vulnerability to scams.”

YouMail’s Visual Caller ID determines the appropriate name and image to identify callers using its community of users with their connections in social networks - such as Facebook. Visual Caller ID provides the name of the caller along with an appropriate image, whether it’s a Facebook photo, a business logo or an image commonly associated with the caller or their location. According to the company, it does so without exposing individual address book entries or other personal information in an effort to preserve the privacy of the caller.

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